Conductive Tapes

conductive fabric Tape (silver)

Conductive fabric is nice to work with, you can achieve curves and rounded shapes, simply by shaping the tape as you adhere it to your base material. It is possible to solder to the fabric tape using flux, but it remains a delicate connection.

Lasercut fabric tape coils:

Copper Tape

Comes in rolls of tape as well as whole sheets. The great thing about copper tape is you can solder to it for extremely reliable connections! Check whether adhesive is also conductive and even if it is, it’s not always a reliable connection, solder overlapping pieces of tape together insure a durable connections.

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Circuit and speaker coil made from length of copper tape:

Technique for turning corners without cutting tape:

Circuit and speaker coil vinylcut from full sheet of conductive copper.

Use masking tape to transfer traces from copper sheet to where you want them.

Wide rolls or sheets of adhesive copper tape are great for using in the vinylcutter to quickly make small or large, flat, flexible, solderable and reliable circuits.


Alu Tape

You can buy alu tape sometimes in local hardware stores. But you can also make your own by fusing fusible interfacing (a fabric heat glue) to one side of aluminum foil.

gold leaf Tape

You can even buy gold leaf in tape format, though it does not come with adhesive backing!


Nice summary of 3M conductive tapes >>

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    What are the characteristics and uses of copper tape, which is available in both roll and sheet forms, and how does its conductivity allow for reliable connections? How does soldering play a role in creating secure connections when using copper tape, especially when dealing with adhesive conductivity?

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