Plated Fabric Traces

Instead of plating onto rigid structures you can also plate onto soft and flexible materials. I’ve tried fabric and paper so far and both work well. If you paint onto a shiny repellent surface, then you can peel away the plated traces, making them free-standing.



Samples on different fabrics.

Fabric circuit.


Paper is more durable than you might think. The plating process can take only a few minutes, so don’t be scared to drench the paper. But be sure to thoroughly rise all the Copper Sulfate off afterward. Iron dry.

First paper circuit.

Second Paper Circuit


Resistant Surface

If you plate your traces on a resistant surface then you can later peel them off so that they are free-standing.

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  1. Administrasi Bisnis on November 25th, 2023

    How does electroplating onto soft and flexible materials, such as fabric and paper, offer versatility, and what advantages does it present? Regard Telkom University

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