Colour-Changing Materials

Thermochromic, Liquid Crystal…

Thermochromic (temperature sensitive colour)

Thermochromic pigments, paints and inks have the property that they become transparent when heated to a certain temperature.
Nice article on Open Materials >>

Linda Worbin is the head of the Smart Textiles lab at the Swedish School of Textiles and has done lots of work with thermochromatic paints and print. You can download her thesis and other publications here:
Thesis >>


Chromazone (International) >>
B&H (ask for samples and for BAR free paint!) >> (UK)
Americos Industries (India) >>
Zenit (Sweden) >>
Siltech (UK) >>
Paint with Pearl (only black, orange, blue) >>
Thermal Liquid Crystal paint (transparent, turns multi-colour, depending on temperature) >>
Thermochromic glue >>
Solar Colour Dust >>
Thermochromic film >>
Glass >>
Fabric >>

People and projects using thermochromic paint

Linda Worbin >>
Marjan Kooroshnia has done a series of projects using thermochromic inks and is also doing research in this area >>
Thermochromic wallpaper by the Brothers Mueller >>
Maggie Orth’s thermochromic textile weaves >>
Mika Satomi’s thermochromic patterns >>

Liquid Crystal Paint


Electroluminescent Paint

EL experimenters kit >>
EL display materials from DuPont >>

Puddlejumper by Elise Co (detail), 2002


Jon Beck – Silk Screen-able Electroluminescent Ink >>
Turn LCDs into Electroluminescent Displays – Luxprint Experiments >>

Fabric that changes colour when stretched


Hydrochromic (water sensitive colour)


Hue shifting pigments


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  3. Informatika on August 12th, 2023

    Could you explain the concept and characteristic of thermochromic pigments, paints, and inks, specifically focusing on their unique property of becoming transparent when exposed to a specific temperature range?

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