Painted Displays

Fronts and backs of thermochromic samples

Mix thermochromic pigment with medium:

Sew a circuit with steel thread and coat in thermochromic paint

Lay-out control circuitry with copper tape:

Thread steel thread through crimp bead and crimp close to where it will connect with copper tape:

Solder crimp beads to copper tape:

Leah’s example circuit using MOSFET to control high current (for heating) from a microcontroller pin:

Conductive (resistive) materials for heating

Steel thread: Bekinox VN12/1*275/100Z:
thick >>
thicker >>
Ingredient >>
Conductive paints (silver, copper, carbon…) >>


Video demonstrating different conductive heater materials with thermochromic paints

A perfect circle

Controlling different shapes

Using an iron as heat source

Heating with strands of steel thread (slow change)


Ingredients >>

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  1. svs on April 14th, 2016

    Hello, this is really cool! I am testing my thermochromic paint on paper with copper tape, conductive paint, and graphite paste with unsuccessful results. May I know what conductive material you are using in the ‘A Perfect Circle’ Video? Is is conductive pain?

  2. svs on April 14th, 2016

    I meant, is it conductive paint 😀

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